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Our Programs & Initiatives

Our Programs and Initiatives are dedicated to empowering and celebrating the African American community through a variety of platforms, including educational enrichment, cultural events, and leadership development. From the vibrant Miss Juneteenth Virginia Pageant to the inspiring 1865 Freedom Renaissance Soirée, we offer opportunities for personal growth, community engagement, and cultural celebration. We invite you to join us in supporting these initiatives, whether through participation, volunteering, or sponsorship. Your involvement is vital in helping us uplift and inspire, continuing the legacy of excellence and community unity. 🌟 #GetInvolved #SupportOurYouth #CommunityUnity

Mr. & Miss Juneteenth Virginia Legacy Program


The Mr. and Miss Juneteenth Virginia Legacy program cultivates urban youth through Cultural Awareness and Historical Education that primarily focuses on Juneteenth origins and Virginia's dynamic past.  The program encourages participants in self-expression, cultural pride, and community engagement. This initiative provides a dynamic platform for personal growth and public representation, empowering participants to become ambassadors of their history and advocates of a brighter future. 


STEAM Forward: Summer Camp | Monthly Sessions.


The #STEAMForward Summer Enrichment program is designed to ignite the passion of urban youth in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, equipping them with critical skills for a technologically advanced future. This program emphasizes hands-on learning and innovation, preparing participants to meet tomorrow's challenges with creativity and confidence. #Coming-Soon


Code B.L.U.E Scholarship Bruncheon

(Black Leaders Uplifting Excellence)

The Code B.L.U.E. Scholarships Awards Bruncheon, held biannually, is a pivotal event dedicated to recognizing and supporting urban middle and high school students for their academic and creative achievements. This celebration not only awards scholarships but also inspires and motivates young minds to continue their pursuit of excellence in their educational journey.


The 1865 Freedom
Renaissance Soirée

The annual 1865 Freedom Renaissance Soirée is a poignant tribute to Emancipation, celebrating how African Americans have thrived through adversity and transformed Challenges into Greatness. This event is a remembrance of past struggles and a vibrant celebration of Black Excellence, honoring the enduring spirit and achievements that continue to shape our community's future. 🌟🎉🎊

Red Carpet Entrance

Annual 1865 Juneteenth
Legacy Golf Classic 

Swing into history with us at the annual 1865 Juneteenth Golf Tournament – a prestigious event where passion for sport meets the power of education. This charity tournament is not just a day on the greens; it's a celebration of emancipation and a commitment to the future. Each stroke supports the Juneteenth Scholarship Fund, helping to tee up educational opportunities for young African American leaders. Join us on the fairways to honor our heritage and drive forward the dreams of Virginia's youth.

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The Community Bridge Initiative: Fostering Unity for Tomorrow's Leaders 

Inspiring young people

The Community Bridge Initiative underscores the vital role of communal harmony in shaping the minds of our youth. This initiative focuses on educating them about the contemporary world while deeply rooting them in the history of their ancestors' trials and triumphs. It's about building bridges over the gaps created by differences, fostering a sense of unity and peace across diverse communities. Our program objectives align to equip young minds with the wisdom of the past and the awareness of the present, creating leaders who not only understand the value of unity, but also actively contribute to it. We invite you to join us in our mission, to nurture a generation that transcends barriers and embraces collective strength and harmony.


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