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Norfolk: A City Steeped in African American History and Heritage

Nestled in the heart of Virginia, Norfolk stands as a city with a profound African American legacy, deeply connected to the journey of emancipation and the celebration of Juneteenth. This historic city, rich in culture and struggle, has been a witness to many 'firsts' in African American history. It was here in Norfolk that many courageous journeys began, marking significant strides towards freedom and equality.

Norfolk's narrative is intertwined with notable African Americans who have left indelible marks on our nation. The city takes pride in being the birthplace of figures such as Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first black Governor of Liberia, symbolizing a global reach in the fight for black independence and leadership. The city also honors the bravery of figures like Evelyn Butts, a fearless civil rights activist who fought tirelessly against poll taxes that disenfranchised African Americans.

In Norfolk, the echoes of our past resonate through the streets; places like the Attucks Theatre, named after Crispus Attucks and known as the "Apollo of the South," stand as testaments to a rich cultural and artistic legacy. The city's commitment to preserving and celebrating its African American heritage is evident in its museums, cultural sites, and annual events that commemorate Juneteenth, paying homage to the resilience and contributions of the African American community.

As the proud host city for the Miss Juneteenth Virginia Legacy Program, Norfolk is more than just a scenic location; it is a hub of historical significance, deeply rooted in African American heritage. Here, every landmark tells a story of struggle, triumph, and resilience, offering a profound and inspiring backdrop for the celebration of Juneteenth. We invite you to join us in Norfolk, a city where the rich tapestry of history not only honors the past but also empowers a new generation, shaping a future filled with hope, leadership, and community pride.

Norfolk's Historical Points of Interest


Event Venue:

Hampton Roads KROC Center Performing Arts Auditorium

1401 Ballentine Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23504

Juneteenth Butterfly

4 PM

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Ticket Sales Information:

Mark your calendars! Ticket sales for the much-anticipated event begin on May 1st, 2024, with only a limited number available to ensure an exclusive experience. Secure your spot by reaching out to our dedicated staff or contestants for hard copy tickets, or wait for the electronic tickets to be released on the release date.

Juneteenth Butterfly
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