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2024 Cycle 2 Official Candidates:

Manifest Destiny Juneteenth Virgnia

Get ready to meet the extraordinary contestants of the 2024 Miss Juneteenth Virginia Pageant, each vying for the esteemed opportunity to carry the Virginia crown into the National Competition. Fresh off Virginia's triumphant first-year national title win, these talented young women are poised to make their mark. In the coming months, they will embark on an exhilarating journey filled with comprehensive workshops, engaging community events, and the much-anticipated state competition stage. This year's lineup is not just a showcase of beauty and talent; it's a celebration of ambition, dedication, and cultural pride. Join us in supporting these remarkable contestants as they prepare to dazzle, inspire, and potentially write their names in the illustrious history of the Miss Juneteenth Virginia Legacy. Their journey promises to be nothing short of spectacular, and we can't wait to see who will rise to the occasion and bring the crown home once again!

#MissJuneteenthVA     #CrownChallenge      #Juneteenth2024

Manifest Destiny Juneteenth Virgnia

Faith Robinson

Williamsburg, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel

Resha White

Norfolk, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel

Aminata Masonry

Newport News, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel

Ny'Asia Neil

Yorktown, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel

Trinidy Taliferro

Suffolk, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel
_ (1).png

Saniyyah Jefferson

Portsmouth, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel
Silky White Fabric






Eligibility Requirements

  • Miss Teen Category: Age 14.5 - 18, Contestant must not meet their 18th Birthday Before August 20th of the competition year.

    • Jr. Miss Category: Age 11-14​

  • Must be in good Academic Standing (Passing Classes)

  • Of Good Moral Character

  • Be of African American or African heritage

  • Be Born a Female

  • Able to attend Program Workshops, Community Service Events, and the National Pageant, if eligible.

2024 Inaugural Candidates:

Jr. Miss Juneteenth



We are excited to announce the pilot program of the Jr. Miss Juneteenth Virginia Division, a groundbreaking initiative designed to nurture and develop the talents of young girls in our community. This program offers comprehensive workshops covering various topics, from cultural awareness to personal development, providing our participants with invaluable skills and knowledge. The girls will engage in a journey of growth and discovery, culminating in the opportunity to compete for the prestigious and inaugural title of Jr. Miss Juneteenth for the Commonwealth of Virginia. This division not only celebrates our rich culture but also fosters the potential of our youth, setting the stage for a future filled with promise and excellence.

Miss Constiana Johnson

Williamsburg, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel

Miss Kamiryn Ricks

Norfolk, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel

Miss Alana Walker

Norfolk, Virginia

Miss Juneteenth Virginia Crown Jewel
Light Ink_edited.jpg

2024 Miss Juneteenth Virginia Legacy Pageant Timeline

January - March 2024: Registration Period

  • Contestant registrations open. Aspiring participants are invited to sign up and begin their journey to the crown.

April 2024: Program Kick-Off

  • The official start of the Miss Juneteenth Virginia Legacy Pageant program.

  • Introduction to the pageant team, mentors, and fellow contestants.

  • Bi-weekly workshops commence, focusing on personal development, pageant preparation, and cultural education.

May 2024: Building Momentum

  • Community Service Event: Engage in an event designed to give back to our community.

  • Official Photo Shoot: A professional photo session for all contestants.

  • Fundraisers 1 & 2 Begin: Launch of the first two fundraising initiatives.

  • Continued Workshops: Ongoing bi-weekly workshops covering various essential topics.

June 2024: A Month of Enrichment and Engagement

  • Community Service Event: Another opportunity to contribute positively to our community.

  • Ongoing Workshops: Further development and learning through our engaging workshop series.

  • People's Choice Voting Begins: Public voting opens, allowing the community to support their favorite contestant.

  • Juneteenth Appearance: Participation in Juneteenth celebrations, showcasing our culture and heritage.

  • Field Trip (To Be Determined): A special educational and bonding experience for all contestants.

  • The Miss Juneteenth Legacy Pageant Premiere: The grand event where the hard work of all contestants culminates, and the new Miss Juneteenth Virginia is crowned.

Manifest Destiny Juneteenth Virgnia
Image by Ashton Mullins

June 29th, 2024



4 PM - 7 PM

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