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Legacy - Donate Today

This Legacy Wall is dedicated to the many extraordinary, everyday people who believe in reshaping the narrative for African American Youth. 

Our Donors help foster a new of excellence, encouragement, empowerment, and cultural awareness that infuses self-love, cultural pride, and historical literacy in our leaders of tomorrow.

We thank you.

Legacy Juneteenth Virginia Power Definition



1: a gift by will, especially of money or other personal property : BEQUEST

2: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

"In law, a legacy is something that someone gets by inheritance or by a will.
In historical terms, a legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another, from Generation to Generation. Often it means something passed down from an ancestor or predecessor.."

Brick by Brick  #WeBuildTogether

Holographic date of Legacy sponsors for Miss Juneteenth Virginia
  • Velocity Clinical Research

  • Linda Hall

  • Keia Benefield

  • Everett Parker

  • Dr. Philetha Johnson-Tucker

  • Sam Hollis

  • Gold Rope Events

  • Joyce Rascoe-Savage

  • Jane Rascoe

  • Rhonda Randolph

  • Chasity Corbett

  • Shandrica Bullard

  • Cora Collins

  • Daniel Arroyo

  • Outlawz HatCo

  • Veda Gay

  • iCrush Media

  • Thomas Otey

  • Carmel Brown

  • Bling Crush Inc

  • Outlawz HatCo

  • Sandra Almond

  • Michelle Layne

  • Alisha Buchannon

  • Charles Echols

  • Angela Bennett

  • Kristin Walker-Bey

  • Valyaunda Gregory

  • Ebony Elliot

  • Peyton Orgill

  • Linda Williams

  • Sherry Rowe

  • Pearlyn Mobel

  • Lisa DeBouse

  • Shenita Lancaster

  • Melvina Blue

  • William Bell

  • Camille Pitts

  • Anna Winston-Petway

  • Alicia Kirkland

  • Vaje Hill

  • Alicia Clark

  • John Holloway

  • Keylahni Holloway

  • Wanda Holloway

  • Michele Teague

  • Michele Moken

  • Carlton K "for Mom"

  • Thomas Otey

Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

Donate Now To Impact Our Initiatives of Educating, Elevating, & Empowering Virginia's Youth. 

Your Contribution enables us to fund programs and initiatives that effect change and growth in our communities across Virginia. From Scholarships to Conferences, change begins with education, truth-seeking, and inevitably US. Get Involved with the Legacy Project as we reshape the narrative of the "Story of Us."

All donations will be listed on our Legacy Wall as a founding contributor to this organization's community efforts.

Miss Juneteenth Virginia outline - The heartbeat of the Nation
"The Heartbeat of the Nation"


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